Having a beautiful skin is every individual’s dream but there are many factors that ultimately reduce the skins shine and lead to various skin diseases. A common skin problem faced by young men and women is that of acne vulgaris. More prevalent in women, this type of acne results when tiny hair follicles on the body and hair are clogged which lead to the creation of painful lesions on the skin’s surface.

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The common perception about acne is that it is a result of dirt, stress, grime, poor hygiene and over use of cosmetics. However, these are not true. There are many other factors that contribute to the formation of acne on the skin including excessive oil production in the body, hormones, inflammation, bacteria and uneven skin shedding.

Treatment For Acne

People who suffer from acne are troubled by it because they cant ever seem to get rid of it. However, there is a very effective treatment that exists for acne that many people aren’t aware about.

Benzaclin is an ingredient that contains clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide that work wonders for acne. Benzaclin, which is found in the form of gel, is applied on acne prone skin. Regular use of the product can help in the growth of acne that causes bacteria

Side Effects Of Benzaclin

Benzaclin has certain short term side effects but it is not necessary for everyone to experience them. These side effects include skin redness, itching, skin peeling or dry skin. However, you can always get in touch with a physician if these side effects prevail for a long time

Types Of Acne

Different types of acne are treated with different types of products. For instance, acne may also be a result of whiteheads or black heads. For such acne, you can use creams such as retin-a and renova. However, as in the case of Benzaclin, retin-a and renova may have their own side effects and should therefore be used with precaution. Most acne creams and gels cause redness, irritation or dry skin.

Doctors also recommend Accutane for several types of acne while others recommend oral anti-biotic to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Some of the medicines kill the bacteria on the surface and reduce pores over time. This eventually stops acne breakout and inflammation. However, it is always recommended to get advise from an expert on your condition before you choose a product to treat acne.

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